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Pricing Update
Hope everyone had a good summer, and didn’t drown in all the rain.
We in the feed industry are still dealing with high Vitamin prices for minerals containing vitamins A, E and thiamine. To put this in perspective, vitamin A pricing in June 2017 was $18,000 and In November 2017 rose to $236,000. This is a worldwide problem that looks to continue for at least the forseeable future.

On October 31, 2017, a BASF plant in Germany that manufactures Citral had a fire. Citral is an intermediate for vitamins A and E, thus cannot be made without the Citral. This German plant controls 75% of the worldwide Citral production so you can see the crisis this has created. These vitamins, specifically vitamin A, will become in short supply with skyrocketing prices. There is a real possibility vitamin A will become unavailable before the plant is functional.

To preserve these vitamin inventories, we will be pulling out vitamin A from our cakes. Custom cake formulas that have a complete vitamin/mineral package we will leave alone. Vitamin levels in minerals will be lowered to meet animal requirements. If you desire higher vitamin levels in mineral, you will need to contact Farmers Ranchers Feed Mill.

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By Rocky Sheehan, Feed Division Manager, rsheehan@frcoop.com

Not only has the Farmers Ranchers Co-op feed department invested in new facilities, equipment, and technology over the past several years, but we’ve implemented food safety processes, won quality awards, and continued to break records in terms of feed tonnage manufactured. We’re not stopping there.

We recently added Dr. Jennifer Leupp, beef cattle nutritionist, to our feed team in a consulting role. Raised on a cow/calf farm in south central Michigan, Leupp received her B.S. in Animal Science from Michigan State University before pursuing her M.S. and Ph.D. in Animal Science, with emphasis in beef nutrition, from North Dakota State University (NDSU). She worked as a research technician while at NDSU, later serving as beef nutritionist and technical support for Kalmbach Feeds in Ohio.

We’ll be utilizing her expertise to help our sales staff better understand our products and the features and benefits they provide our ranch customers and their cattle—helping us develop marketing materials as well as adding value to the products we manufacture. “I appreciate that Farmers Ranchers Co-op is a progressive company and that their feed business is growing,” explains Dr. Leupp. “They want to capture an even bigger marketplace, and I’m ready to help them succeed in expanding their business even further.”

What’s exciting for us is that, with Dr. Leupp’s assistance, we’ll be offering a full service feed program and taking very good feed products and making them better.