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The Aureo and Bovatec Advantage

By Dr. Jennifer Leupp, beef cattle nutritionist, and Darren Klein, cattle production specialist for Zoetis

The combination of Aureomycin® and Bovatec® in feed is used to maximize health and performance of stocker and backgrounding cattle. Aureomycin is a trade name for chlortetracycline (CTC) and is used to prevent and treat diseases such as pneumonia, coccidiosis, and anaplasmosis. Bovatec, the trade name for Lasalocid, is an ionophore that enhances rumen microflora activity. Bovatec is labeled for improved feed efficiency and average daily gain plus the control of coccidiosis. The combination of Aureomycin + Bovatec (Aureo + Bov) promotes healthier cattle that are more efficient and productive.

Kansas State University conducted an 82-day research study on grazing steers to evaluate Aureo + Bov combination in mineral. Steers consuming the combination mineral had 10% greater average daily gain compared with unmedicated control steers (2.64 lbs vs. 2.40 lbs per day; Figure 1). With increased gain comes profit. Calves consuming the Aureo + Bov combination can net $45.50 more than calves offered a non-medicated mineral (Table 1). The economics are simple, the Aureo + Bov combination can put money in your pocket by increasing efficiency and protecting cattle from disease.